Belvedere Trading

Belvedere Trading

Learn how a large retailer used a QuickBrand Online Incentive program to motivate sales staff.


As a company committed to rewarding employee longevity, Team Belvedere needed a solution that would streamline and simplify their anniversary program as they continue to grow, removing manual processes and allowing their team to focus less on sending out swag and more on building their brand.


A QuickBrand Online Store was created for the team, converting "points" from their legacy system to gift certificates that are issued to employees on their anniversary date, allowing them to shop from a wide range of apparel, accessories, and branded swag. The rich admin tools within QuickBrand allow the BT team to issue and manage credits in real time and mange users, with an "on redemption" system that ensures they are billed only for credits that are actually redeemed. The same platform is also able to accommodate corporate purchases for business purposes, as well as personal purchases from team members that would like to purchase additional items.

The Result of Our Work

Our tailored QuickBrand solution has simplified employee rewards and recognition, with a wide catalog of branded gear to appeal to the varied wants and individual tastes of a diverse team. It has resulted in:

  • 250+ happy employees;
  • 100% control on incentive and reward spend;
  • No more spreadsheets or manual calculations for rewards.
250+ Rewarded Employees
100% Control On Spend
1 Platform
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Jamf Certification & Rewards
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