Rewards & Incentives

Recognize, Motivate, Incentivize

  • Options available for spot recognition, anniversary programs, safety programs, employee credits, and customer rewards.
  • Programs can be run by themselves or as part of an overall custom QuickBrand store solution.
  • All solutions offer flexibility, tracking, and customization based on your specific needs.

Whether you are looking for a solution for spot recognition, milestone programs, safety programs, employee credits/allotments, or customer reward programs, Identity Works has a solution available through our wide-ranging QuickBrand Online Store reward and incentive features. You can use these reward and incentive solutions in tandem, giving you ultimate flexibility to use the best tool available, as well as providing a foundation that grows with your organization and your evolving business needs.

Example Reward and Recognition Applications:
  • Milestone Anniversary Program – If you want to give your team members specific gifts, or a choice of gifts, for their milestone anniversaries, we can set up a dedicated section of the store specifically for milestones. We work with you to build out your anniversary catalog and set up all of the access/permissions for you using access codes. Running the program is as simple as giving the employee a code that corresponds with their milestone on their anniversary. They can then log into the store, enter the code, and pick out their gift, with no further involvement needed from HR or their manager.
  • Employee Credits – Say you want to give each of your employees $100 to spend on brand gear, but you want to only pay for the credits as they are used by employees. With QuickBrand, we have two options available based on your preference. Via our “On Redemption" Gift Certificates, you would have a dashboard to generate the credits as you see fit, and you can either directly assign them to user accounts from your dashboard or turn it into a digital e-gift certificate with one click. Your users can use the credits as a form of payment on their order, and you are billed for the redemptions as they happen. If you want an even simpler solution, we can power the credit via a promo code. In this case, you can give every user the same promo code, and they can use it during checkout to power the discount. With promo codes, we can also exclude specific products from discounts (for example – maybe this is for salespeople and you only want them to use the credit for event collateral, or only want them to use it for apparel they would wear on face-to-face meetings), we can include free shipping as part of the discount, and we can add an expiration date so you can more easily budget in the expense within a specific time period.
  • Company Event Items – This is great for department-wide, or company-wide initiatives. Using our access code technology, we can create a pop-up shop inside of your existing online store, with specific items and forced billing rules. Setting them up is as easy as letting us know what items should be available and where the orders need to bill. From there, we will set up the access code, and when the employee enters the code, they are dropped into the appropriate category or product, and that purchase is billed back to the appropriate department/purchase order. You can utilize this same functionality for new hire kits, allowing your incoming employees, for example, to choose their preferred shirt size/color as part of a kit and decide where they would like it shipped, having redemptions bill automatically to your preferred department/budget.
  • Customer Rewards/Appreciation – Do you have a system in place to show appreciation for your champions and influencers? How are you recognizing your regular referral sources? QuickBrand offers multiple tools that our customers have successfully leveraged to incorporate customer rewards/recognition into their custom online stores and merchandise flow. With our robust access & permissions tools, we can make a portion of your store open and available to your external audience, which means you can utilize our powerful tools like gift certificates to give your customers credit to spend on your online store (while making sure they can only see the products you want them to see), or our access/group codes, where we can direct the customer to specific products or categories based on the code they enter, and have that purchase billed back to the appropriate department in your company or against a blanket purchase order. If you prefer to have your customer reward program be a totally stand-alone experience, we can set up a completely separate client/partner reward portal for your brand, and we can even have the store run off reward points that you can issue right on the store and send to your customers as a digital certificate!

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