Corporate Billing & Approvals

Empower Users, With Controls

  • Maintain visibility and control over company spend.
  • Empower individuals to make corporate purchases with approval queues to ensure orders are appropriate.
  • Capture necessary accounting information such as departments, purchase orders, cost centers, etc. at checkout to reduce time spent validating and coding purchases.

One of the biggest benefits of an online company store program is empowering individual buyers across your organization. With that comes the need to maintain visibility and control on your overall company spend. QuickBrand has many out of the box tools available to help you meet this goal:

  • Our advanced Permissions & Security Group functionality allows you to control who has access to bill purchases back to your company (only the people that should be able to make corporate purchases will see the option).
  • Built-in approval queues (if desired) ensure only approved corporate orders proceed to production/shipping. 
  • Our payment exclusions give you tighter control over what items can and can’t be corporate billed. 

As an example, consider department orders. The department head works with us to setup a pop-up “shop" inside the company store for all of their team members. We create a code to give them access to that page, where team members can choose one product and bill it back to their department. Because of our payment controls, combined with our security settings, the user will be unable to purchase anything but the approved product as part of that department order, and after checkout is complete, they can’t come back in to bill more/other products back to their department as part of that offer.

Or, consider purchases made by your sales team. Using our approval queues, sales team members can shop from items pre-approved by Marketing, select the appropriate department/cost center for their purchase, and after checkout, have their orders reviewed by an approver group (such as marketing, events, purchasing, etc.) before they are released for production and shipping. Approvals can even be as granular as line-level (so a pack of brochures can be approved, but tumblers can be denied). This helps empower your sales team so they can decide what marketing materials they want from your library to go to market, while keeping controls on the overall spend.

Additionally, our payment methods can be configured to match your accounting processes, simplifying the jobs of your finance team to properly code/account for expenses. Do you use purchase orders? We can capture them at checkout. Do you bill by department or cost center? We can add them as a dropdown menu as part of the checkout. The information we collect at checkout flows through the order approval process and to the final invoice. For customers with a high volume of transactions, we can even consolidate corporate orders by expense type and allow your accounting team to generate weekly consolidated bills vs. having to vouch individual invoices. 

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