PunchOut Enabled

Streamlined Single Channel Procurement

Connect your QuickBrand Online Store to your eProcurement system for seamless integration with your approval flows and accounting processes. 
  • Manage a single set of business rules for all of your procurement and purchasing activity. 
  • PunchOut technology enables you to leverage your QuickBrand online store as your procurement catalog, meaning it is always up to date and able to handle dynamic product configuration.
  • Our session management technology allows you to use a single store for both company purchases driven via eProcurement and purchases driven by credit card/gift certificate/promo code.

While our custom QuickBrand online stores have built in controls for billing/purchasing and approval flows of your branded merchandise, customers that utilize an eProcurement system may favor an “all in one” approach for all purchases across their landscape. Because of this, our QuickBrand Online Stores are PunchOut Enabled, allowing users to shop your online store, and have the checkout (with all approval and billing rules) flow through your established channels. This means you only have one system (your eProcurement system) to maintain and update in terms of users, access rights, and billing flows, and your store will work functionally the same as any other EDI procurement catalog integrated into your system.

This offers multiple benefits to your organization, including:

  • Time saved on catalog maintenance. Letting us handle the complexity of sized apparel, variable data print, logo placement and logo colors, etc. and push the finished shopping cart back to your system means your team does not need to manually maintain your product catalog or solve for the complexities of promotional and identity products.
  • Time saved on accounting/procurement processes. Utilizing your eProcurement system to manage cost centers, departments, and billing rules removes the need to update external systems any time you add new cost centers or approval rules. 
  • Time saved on customer service. By routing your transactions through your online store, your users get the benefit of live order status visibility and automated shipping/tracking updates through your QuickBrand store. 
  • Single platform for all branded products. Because of our advanced session management technology, you do not need to maintain multiple online stores for your company for PunchOut vs. non-PunchOut transactions, giving you a single set of reporting, order history, tracking information, and product data whether your employees are ordering via PunchOut, credit card, gift certificate, etc.
  • Time spent vouching bills. Invoices for completed orders are uploaded automatically to your eProcurement system, removing the need for rekeying by your accounting team. 

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