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Reporting, Analytics, and Management

  • All QuickBrand Online Stores include powerful admin and reporting tools for effective store management.
  • Precision access permissions allow you to tailor visibility and access to admin tools to only those users who need them.
  • Whether you need order history for a user, to remove store access, choose new product for your store, view invoice and accounting data, or review sales trends and purchase analytics, we have a comprehensive and self-service admin tool avaiable.

While our online stores are largely automated in terms of day to day management, there are still some administrative functions that are necessary to keep things running well. With that in mind, we have built several helpful self-service admin tools to complete common tasks, as well as powerful reporting to keep key analytics for your store at your fingertips.

Admin tools can be assigned per tool by user, allowing you to easily delegate tasks to multiple users or control level of access – for example, you may want your HR team to be able to see registered users and deactivate user accounts, but only sales/marketing leadership should have access to purchase data and store analytics, and only accounting should have access to account statements. We make this happen with our segmented permissions! 

Using our robust administrative tools and reporting capabilities, your team can:

  • See all users registered for your store and deactivate logins with a single click.
  • Gain full access to purchase data, to view every order ever placed on your store, regardless of user or payment method.
  • Filter orders placed on the store by item (for example – easily confirm all sales team members have ordered an event pack by filtering orders for that item).
  • Access accounting data, such as statements, individual invoices, and weekly consolidated billings for each of your Identity Works accounts.
  • View inventory reporting, including on-hand quantities, replenishments in progress, and current pricing.
  • View site analytics, including product sales trends, volume/sales reporting by payment method, search history, and more.

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