API First Development

Automate and Simplify

Our proprietary online store platform and development staff can help turn your “wouldn’t it be great if…?" moments into automated solutions.
  • Our “API First" development philosophy enables integrations and automation of common tasks.
  • Custom endpoints and functions can be created by our team, allowing you to connect your store to other external software for an automated and seamless experience.
  • Whether you want to automate the mailing of a marketing kit based on an event in your CRM, automate sending of new hire kits to new employees, automate user management and access to your online store, or add brand gear to a reward or recognition platform, we can help make it happen!

At Identity Works, we are more than just swag brokers. We are creative problem solvers who want to dig deep with our customers to understand their pain points and internal bottlenecks and help find solutions that can help automate manual processes and reduce unnecessary redundancies thereby lowering costs. For that reason, we have developed our QuickBrand Online Store platform with an “API First" philosophy, making it easy to plug brand gear into your sales, marketing, accounting, or HR workflows. Based on what you are looking to achieve, our development staff can create custom endpoints you can use on API calls from your external systems. 

Potential applications of API connections include (but are not limited to):

  • Sales and marketing automation. By attaching an API call to a stage within your sales funnel, we can create an order on the fly within your online store to send out a swag kit or literature to a prospect or recently closed deal.
  • HR Automation. By adding an API call to a function within your HR software, we can automate the process of having orders created for new hire kits, for issuing eGift Certificates and adding them to user accounts on their anniversary, or for terminating user access when a user leaves your company. 
  • Reward Applications. Do you offer a reward or loyalty program for your customers? Imagine connecting your reward site/app to your online store, so users can spend their reward dollars/visits on branded merch. Orders would flow directly through the online store with us handling all of the individual fulfillment.
  • Incentive Programs. Does your team already utilize an influencer portal, where customers earn incentives for promoting your brand and referring business? Or maybe an HR rewards/recognition portal, where employees can earn points for attendance, peer reviews/kudos, or completing ongoing training activities? Imagine being able to add branded gear, or credits for your online store to those portals. An API connection would automate this link, pushing “orders" from your platform to your QuickBrand store.

Maybe you are looking to automate a task and the software you are using does not support API’s or custom scripted/scheduled actions – no problem! we have worked with customers to establish low/no code automations based on scheduled reports or list uploads that still represent significant time savings and remove the need to manually rekey data.

Our team is ready to hear your big ideas and work with you to build an end-to-end solution that will get gear that excites, motivates, thanks, and rewards into your audience’s hands in a manner that is reliable, seamless, and efficient.

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