Access & Permissions

Powerful Group-Based Permissions for All Store Aspects

  • Ensure your users can only see the products and site features they should see with access control lists.
  • We can restrict products, categories, payment methods, shipping methods, logos, and admin features to specifc users or groups of users.
  • Leverage powerful code-based permissions to give users access to department-specific products or for pop-up projects within your company.
  • Control access to our powerful admin management and reporting features, with fine-grained permissions to ensure users can only see the tools they need.

Permissions and security are paramount at Identity Works. Because of this, our QuickBrand Online Stores are built with permissions in mind. Nearly every aspect of your QuickBrand Online Store can be subject to permission groups, giving you unparalleled ability to control your user’s experience and ensure they only see what they should be able to see.

For example:

  • Using our User Group features, we can create specific sections of the site for Marketing, HR, Sales, Customer Success, Warehouse/Operations, etc., where only those employees can see and order those items. 
  • Using our Group Code functionality, we can set up department ordering pages, so employees can enter the code and place their order as part of a group order billing to a single purchase order.
  • Your Customer Success team wants to give store e-gift certificates to your customers to reward them with the gift of swag. Using domains, we can identify your employees by their work email address, and make sure products you don’t want customers to see (such as business cards, marketing materials, etc.) are only visible to employees, and customers do not have the ability to ship to your office or make corporate purchases.
  • You want to give access to some of our admin tools (such as user management and site order history) to members of your HR team, but only give access to approval dashboards and site reporting to your Marketing director.
  • You would like all of your sales team members to be able to make corporate purchases to be billed against their budget, but the orders need to be approved by a senior leader. You would also like your senior leadership to be able to make corporate purchases with no approvals needed. 

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