Event Management

What, When, Where

Imagine being able to order, direct, check, track your event assets 24/7.
Tradeshow SWAG
Our merchandising team will help you pick the right product for your events and audience, and handle the inbound and outbound logistics, inventory, and storage.
Banners And Booths
From pop-up back walls and banners to fully molded tradeshow booths, we can design your event space and get it to each location.
Collaterals & Electronics
Our QuickBrand Distribution System can handle EVERYTHING you need to power your events, including recharging and secure storage for iPads and other electronics.
Reserve And Direct
Get total visibility on every asset, including current event locations, future allocations, on-hand inventory, and more.
Track & Relax
Our system shows carrier tracking and instant feedback whether an item is at our location, at the event location, or in transit to either location.
Improve Event Efficacy
Advanced forecasting, post-show reporting, and simplified returns make life easier for your event planners and your team on the ground at events.
Events served per month
Hours saved per month
Source for all event materials and logistics
Headaches or hassles

Our Customers Say

The Identity Works event management system has made our trade shows and conferences much easier to manage, and has saved us countless hours. We know our assets will arrive on time and ready to use, and are being correctly inventoried and managed when we send them back.
Carissa D
Marketing Communications Supervisor

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