Kaplan Event Asset Tracker

Kaplan Event Asset Tracker

Kaplan was spending over 100 hours per month managing event assets, with no system to manage inventory or allocations.


With hundreds of events and no formal system eating up tons of internal staff time, Kaplan needed a system that could help keep track and proactively manage of all needed assets for each trade show and event.


Identity Works created a custom online system that gives Kaplan 24/7 views of where each and every item needed for a given tradeshow is at any given point in time. It shows what has already arrived at and event, what is in transit with tracking numbers, and what is on its way back or already back in inventory at our Advanced Distribution Center. Our staff does all the product inspections and gets product cleaned up and ready to go to the next event. Our merchandisers help them select and we provide the variety of needed product for their shows from SWAG to apparel, to retractable banners, table covers, back drops, booths and more. 

The Result of Our Work

Our QuickBrand Distribution System has resulted in significant time savings for Kaplan, along with cost savings on event assets and shipping through better forecasting and our Post-Show reporting. Kaplan is also able to more quickly bring event assets into their supply chain by leaning on Identity Works’ merchandising and creative services to rapidly adapt to changes to their core product offerings or acquisitions. Kaplan has saved, on average:

  • An average of 4 hours per event, or;
  • An average of $116 in labor hours per event ($2,700 per month) vs. fulfillment costs;
  • Our simple asset return system results in 25% orders having returned assets, reducing waste from discarded products or other event materials.
116 Hours Saved/Month
80% Cost Reduction
Better Forecasting
National Health Services Co.