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Quick Turns, Wide Choices

  • Choose from an extensive range of product and decoration options, beyond what can be produced on-demand.
  • Take advantage of quick shipping times from a centralized distribution center.
  • See live product availability on your online store, enabling efficient order fulfillment.
  • Our technology and team track your inventory levels and product velocity to ensure your gear is in stock and available when you need it.
  • Leverage our advanced fulfillment and pick/pack/kit capabilities for swag kits for new customers or new hires.

For branded merchandise that moves quickly and frequently, requires quicker turn times than what is available via on-demand production, or cannot be cost-effectively produced on-demand, stocking pre-decorated product inventory gives your team the benefit of bulk pricing while allowing small quantity orders to be picked and shipped quickly. Whether you are looking for branded drinkware, custom knit socks, branded pens, logoed notebooks, sell sheets and brochures, tradeshow display items, or anything in between, our team can provide tailored suggestions based on your outcome and budget, get your products produced,  stocked in our state-of-the-art warehouse, and make them available in any desired quantity on your custom QuickBrand Online Store. When orders are received, you can be assured the order will be picked, processed, shipped, and received quickly and accurately due to our advanced picking software and veteran team.

For corporate marketers, this means we can produce your event collateral and swag gifts ahead of events season and enable your sales and events team to order what they need with quick turn times.

For managers, this means you (or your employees) can order uniforms online and have them ship out in as little as one day.

For HR, this offers an extensive increase in options for your employee reward/incentive programs, as well as additional options we can include in new hire kits that we can assemble to order and drop ship to your employees.

For operational staff, this means supplies you use across office locations (like pens, notepads, mugs, etc.) have consistent branding and do not require you to dedicate excess storage space within your physical locations.

Our flexible inventory model allows for both product that you pre-purchase from Identity Works, and for product that is purchased/paid as it is ordered on your QuickBrand store. Our technology and robust reporting allow you and us to monitor inventory and receive alerts on potential reorder needs, while our merchandising specialists and your dedicated Account Manager provide hands-on, human-powered service to regularly suggest fresh gear to keep your audience excited about your brand and message.

In addition to stocking and making individual products available on your custom online brand store, we also offer custom pick/pack/kitting capabilities. Merch kits can be assembled to order from existing stock items, or we can stock the kits assembled with dedicated products, with optional branded packaging like custom printed boxes, branded tissue paper, and more. Kits are simple and straightforward to order online. 

Because QuickBrand is an “all in one" solution, we can handle stocked products and products produced to order in the same platform. Users can order stock and non-stock products at the same time, with real-time status and shipping updates for each part of their order.

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