Financial Institution: Workday PunchOut

Financial Institution: Workday PunchOut

By using PunchOut technology, Identity Works integrated the customer’s QuickBrand online store with their Workday instance, enabling the customer to handle all approvals, cost centers, and billings within one system.


A large financial institution, with over 4,000 employees distributed across the country, wanted a simple solution to manage access to corporate billing. Approval workflows depend on the cost center, the person ordering, and purchase amount, and these rules can change quickly as people join, exit, or move within the organization. Additionally, the customer wanted the option for approvers to be able to reassign or redirect approvals as needed, or to change cost centers after the order was first submitted.


Leveraging our native PunchOut integration, Identity Works connected the customer’s QuickBrand Online Store with their Workday instance. For corporate orders, users can log into Workday and choose to “punch out” to the company store, where they are automatically logged in and given dynamic security rules based on their session data. When the customer is finished shopping, they punch back to Workday to finish the requisition with cost center, shipping, and delivery information.

This lets the customer keep a single set of approval workflows and business rules for their whole organization, as well as use EDI for purchase orders and invoices, avoiding manual reentry of data on both sides to reduce possible errors.

The Result of Our Work

Since the client uses Workday for both purchasing/procurement and HR, integration with their QuickBrand store removes the need to manually update any access to billing, approvals, or store access when an employee starts, leaves the organization, or shifts roles. Also, EDI allows for Identity Works to process the customer’s orders much faster, as confirmed purchase orders import directly into our ERP for production/shipping. This leads to:

  • Significant time savings by reducing the number of platforms where employee data and access controls need to be managed
  • Eliminating "rogue" spending by linking corporate purchasing directly to their eProcurement system
  • Enhanced security, as corporate billing is only available through Workday, where access is controlled via their Okta SSO integration
  • Quicker order processing, including same-day shipping for items in stock after receipt of PO via EDI

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