Retail Company: Loyalty Rewards

Retail Company: Loyalty Rewards

A retail client integrated their visit rewards program with their QuickBrand online store, allowing customers to redeem points earned on in-store purchases for branded merchandise. The API integration resulted in time savings, faster processing, and fewer customer service issues.


The retail client had a successful visit rewards program that allows customers to redeem visit points they earn by making in-store purchases for branded merchandise. Processing orders for visit point rewards required the client to manually export data from their rewards platform, format it properly for list uploads, and regularly upload those lists for processing, all of which was time-consuming and had room for human error. Additionally, because of the lag time between reward redemption and upload, products could be out of stock at the point of import.


Utilizing our QuickBrand API and with hands-on assistance from our development team, an end-to-end integration was developed to directly import reward orders to our QuickBrand platform at the point of redemption, allowing the client to prevent redemptions for items that were out of stock and completely eliminate manual handling/formatting/uploading of data.

The Result of Our Work

The API integration between the visit rewards program and the online store program was a success. The client reported the following benefits:

  • Time savings of approximately 80 hours/year by removing manual list uploads
  • Reduction in processing time for reward orders from 2 days to approximately 2 hours
  • Significant reduction in customer service escalations and manual interventions due to inventory verification
  • Significant increase in visit point redemption

The client also saw an increase in customer loyalty and engagement, as the automation allowed the client to offer more reward gift options, resulting in increased app activity as customers visited the app more frequently to check for new rewards. The client was able to offer a seamless and rewarding customer experience that enhanced their brand image and value proposition.

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