Kaplan Pro. Gift Store

Kaplan Pro. Gift Store

Kaplan Professional needed a better solution for their gift program.


Before Identity Works and our custom QuickBrand Online gift store, Kaplan Professional selected one item for every employee each year as a holiday/year-end gift. Unfortunately, it was difficult for them to choose one item at that everyone wanted every year. Although the program was based on good intentions, it received low ratings and low employee perception year after year.


Identity Works created a QuickBrand Gift Store that gave the staff an opportunity to choose their own gift from at least three options. The new store used e-gift card codes assigned to each employee to keep their selections within budget and tracked to each individual. In addition, the store was programmed so that employees could purchase additional gifts from the site (using a personal credit card to pay for those items), during the same transaction where their gift redemption code was used. After the new store's launch, employee satisfaction and internal ratings for the program increased, making it a true reward for their team. 

The Result of Our Work

The gift program has been a huge success year over year, providing 95% average employee adoption and consistently high internal ratings. Employees use the gifts they receive at home and in the office on an ongoing basis, with gift items from 3+ years past still being seen regularly in the office and discussed in planning meetings. Approximately 5% of employees take advantage of the opportunity to purchase up to four additional items when they place their gift order. Finally, the reporting features built into the store give Kaplan Professional visibility into every gift redemption, preventing unauthorized or duplicate claims, as well as streamlining their distribution.

95% Adoption
Zero Shrink
Employee Satisfaction
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Altra Federal Credit Union 90th Anniversary
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