Altra Federal Credit Union 90th Anniversary

Altra Federal Credit Union 90th Anniversary

Learn how Identity Works simplified the process of gifting all employees for a major company milestone.


A storied financial institution wanted to commemorate a significant milestone anniversary by giving their employees a high value gift, but needed a way to allow users to choose their preferred gift and handle distribution to brand and office locations located around the country (as well as ship gifts to remote employees).


Utilizing their existing online store, the Identity Works team created a pop-up event for Altra employees to be able to choose a limited-time gift with special branding at no charge, and have the product delivered to their local branch location (or shipped to their home). Special programming prevented employees from ordering multiple times or creating multiple accounts, and through QuickBrand's administrative tools the corporate team had full insight into order history and analytics throughout and after the event. 

Finally, by running the program as a pop-up event on their existing online store, Altra was able to ensure all participating employees were registered for the store, making it easier to promote new products or special gear for other upcoming events.

The Result of Our Work

This momentous pop-up event allowed Altra to recognize all of their hardworking employees, no matter where they were located and whether or not they worked out of a physical office location, yielding:

  • Over 400 happy employees
  • 1 platform to handle everyday and special event gear
  • $0 implementation cost
Over 400 Gifts Distributed
1 Automated System
$0 Up Front Cost
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