Jamf Certification & Rewards

Jamf Certification & Rewards

Learn how Identity Works simplified processes and created an automated reward solution that had multiple moving parts.


Jamf had team members spending way too much of their valuable time trying to manage a certification program that generated hundreds and hundreds of needed certificates. They also had to marry those personalized certificates up with the correct size reward shirt item, package the items, create shipping labels and more; all in a very manual and time-consuming process that took them away for other key job responsibilities.


Jamf breathed a huge sigh of relief when our QuickBrand programmers created a solution to quickly produce the personalized certificates and marry those up with the shirt orders in an automated process. Further, the entire program was brought into Identity Works Advanced Distribution Center ensuring shipments are timely and accurate.

The Result of Our Work

A system that used to involve 2-3 Jamf’s and up to 4 manual touchpoints has been fully automated, with Jamf supplying a list of certificate codes, and Identity Works handling the rest. This has resulted in:

  • Jamf saving an average of 70 hours/month;
  • Significant reductions in inventory due to Identity Works' advanced forecasting;
  • Digital certificate copies are now immediately available with optional print certificates for those who want them, resulting in a 33% reduction in print costs.
70 Hours Saved/Month
Cut Inventory Costs
33% Print Reduction
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