Intl. Food Safety Company

Intl. Food Safety Company

A food science company with very strict brand standards needed a solution to help rein in the team.


When you are a testing and compliance company that deals with our nation's food safety, it is no surprise that brand standards are strict. With no technology tool in place to meet this need across various branded products they had their work cut out for them. 


Identity Works demonstrated what a QuickBrand SWAG and Apparel Store could do for them especially with some additional custom features we programmed for their specific needs. Efficiency went up and compliance issues dropped off the map.

The Result of Our Work

The Pride Store is utilized across North America, ensuring global brand standards are maintained across all labs and operating divisions. Sales, Marketing, HR, Auditing, and Safety are all able to quickly procure vetted products from a single source, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring brand compliance.

  • 1 system for all 17 North American locations, servicing over 1,000 employees;
  • Identity Works is able to consolidate shipments to each lab and location, reducing freight costs and simplifying distribution;
  • 100% compliance with global brand standards and consistent product quality across all labs and locations.
Brand Compliance
Time & Cost Savings
Increased Visibility
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